The Crystalline Sphere

The Crystalline Sphere

a crystalline sphere sitting on a hedge
a hedge of protection
hiding the unsaid

the crystalline sphere reflects the surround
it holds its pure presence
and stores the inbound

is that light being reflected
or does it radiate from within?
this is the question
and where we begin

the crystalline globe is sharing with us
holding wisdom and knowledge and history

divine interconnectivity
with the seen and unseen
able to share with us
the all that has been

we are in transitional times
reflective times too
and this crystalline sphere
can help guide what we do

dissolving the hedges
that separate and obscure
allowing our vision
to see the beyond, the allure

the allure of a future
the new and the bold
let us raise up the sphere
and honour what we hold

the crystalline sphere’s light
will shine all around
joined by our light
both radiant and inbound

cherish the opportunity
that we have been given
for we are participants
in each future decision

gagi      10/05/18