The Dark Night of Humanity’s Soul

The Dark Night of Humanity’s Soul

this needs to be written
this needs to be spoken
to survive and to thrive
this spell must be broken

into a world of balance and beauty
came an injection of intelligence
into the human species

there was no game plan
there were no rules
would we evolve into our full potential
or would we act like fools?

written language, art and music evolved
transportation, agricultural issues were solved
beautification of selves, of homes and surrounds
became such a focus it knew no bounds

was that the issue?
was this our mistake?
through competition and greed
did we our neighbours forsake?

have we cared for the animals
and for those who have naught?
how do we find the love and the beauty
that for lifetimes we’ve sought?

this is our opportunity to flow
from the dark night of the soul
flow to the light that we too may glow
with love and in service and to others bestow
a share of our abundance that we might together grow
bringing balance and simplicity into how we choose to live
letting go of the past and knowing how to forgive

forgiven are others and forgiven are ourselves
what glorious futures this vision foretells
pray listen
pray care
let us be aware
and choose to change
as we awaken into a new day

gagi     12/28/19