The Eclipse of Humanity

The Eclipse of Humanity

some have observed a total eclipse
only a small ring of light danced ‘round the lips
thankful for the light that still allowed movement

light shining from those who had worked on self-improvement
what happened in the darkness that hid the pollutants?

behind the full moon much was going on
with the absence of light there raged a mighty storm
emotional havoc of anger and fear
misunderstandings were engaged and locked in full gear

how were we to steer back into the light?

there can be no judgement of who did what and when
there is only the sadness of the results of this din
how can anyone kill in revenge?
are others so different?
well that all depends

mastering the art of self-care and love
lets every individual grow into becoming aware of
ife being so precious and honouring it as such
to honour others as ourselves is not asking too much

the differences can be named as different perspectives
each lives influenced by their life journey’s directives
to see thru the eyes of another can help
and to feel their emotions just as they’ve been felt

communication must be from heart to heart to heart
it takes but one to want to be the start
forgiveness is a must for thru forgiveness we then trust
the past will not last  nor will its shadow be cast
on our future beyond

the art of forgiveness
acceptance we were wrong
all of us
for in one world we belong

gagi     10/17/23