The Enemy Now

The Enemy Now

The enemy now
is only what we think
Wake up and see
for we are on the brink

The brink of discovering
just who we are
and it’s the key to recovering
and remembering the Mar

Our thoughts become
our reality
so we are responsible
for their totality

If our reality is
just what we thought –
the world that we live in
is what that thought bought

Yes – what OUR thought bought

Go to the silence
and stillness – just be
Empty our thoughts
Just be – be free

Knowing how to meditate
is crucial right now
There are many available
to show us how

Don’t equate
Thoughts are freight
And wait

Clear the mind
And you will find
The Way

The way to our new world
is becoming quite clear
but our entrance is blocked
by that emotion called fear

We cannot move forward
as long as fear exists
Let us work hand in hand
and not with our fists

As the pendulum swings
from side to side
fear swings to love –
don’t let love hide

Do not assume that
we know another’s thought
It’s that very assumption
that creates what we’ve bought

See what we love
or see what we fear
Changing our focus
brings what we want near

Sleep on this now
It’s a lot to digest
We’ll be ready to work on it
after some rest….

gagi      08/10/11