The Ethernet

The Ethernet

connections, directions
fine-tuned interceptions
the freedom to know
to tap into the flow

equipped with oneself
a meditative state where one delves
an intention that’s pure
and a passion to endure

endure the many layers
endure the time locators
asking for assistance
from those with no resistance

no resistance to uncovering
all the answers we’re discovering
answers to our challenges
defining new balances

if the quagmire exists
it is because of those fists
that continue to insist
to control and resist

let us be free

free even from the internet
where now some can intercept
our attempts to help others
our sisters and brothers

we can strengthen the ethernet
a network, a simple concept
a focus on love, joy and peace
so that all suffering may be released

go now to the quiet place
let all concerns be erased
breathe into the cosmic field
and ask for what it may yield

we can now with will and strength
extend thru height, width and length
the ultimate interconnections
free from any potential deceptions

we have the power to create
and a new way to orchestrate
a playful, harmonic world
a too tight spiral uncurled

a spiral of the fibonacci numbers
creates a symmetry that’s unencumbered
giving access to All That Is
a new beginning that relives
who we are

gagi     01/30/14