The Expiring of Evil

I could not go back to sleep although i had felt drowsy then a great fear gripped me. It was felt in the area of my solar plexus. What is this? Asking for help to understand …this was received…

The Expiring of Evil

what is happening right now?
what is this final frontier?
what are we being asked to be?
may the answers please appear
and ultimately, what is causing our fear?

often a gripping sense
sometimes disabling
what is our part in this?
what are we enabling?

love, goodness, beauty
this is what we are seeking
another question now
is this what we are being?

what has been our exposure
in this lifetime and others?
what have we inherited
from our many fathers and mothers?

has each generation
improved upon another?
what has carried thru
still for us to discover?

we now know we have what is called cellular memory – ie. a physical heart transplant also transplants the cellular memory of the donor

we now know we can learn to identify and release emotions and energetically heal health issues

then what remains to be done?

identifying our fears
facing our fears
understanding our fears

we may experience our fears thru stories, movies, the news
thru past experiences, encounters with others, bullying
yet the greatest fears are produced by our own imaginings
partial information not substantiated then filling in the story

labelling, judging, reacting
fear for ourselves, for others, for life itself
a check point
are we exercising our desire for love, goodness and beauty?

we can rewrite our “story”
we can seek information
we can be love, do good and cherish beauty
in all that is

when we all embrace this with a simple willingness
we will create together the world we want
simply by being

the bad will be exposed
transfigured, transposed
solutions will be found
there will be an expiration of evil
as it cannot exist in a loving world

gagi     04/20/20