The Eye Wall

The Eye Wall

there is a level of communication
beyond speaking and hearing
for words are even used
as we formulate thoughts

words spoken, words heard
words leading to a thought conceived
what of wordless communication
heart generated and received?

we know when we experience
a deep level of awareness
looking into another’s eyes
we recognize an exchange

be it love, there is a softening
be it joy, an inner laughter
be it sympathy, a heartfelt tenderness
be it a shared knowingness, it is there
a wordless eye to eye

we are told the eyes are the windows
the windows to the soul
this eye to eye communication
is truly communication soul to soul

we now have distant access to one another
we can see each other as we talk
now let us take this to another level
and exchange eye to eye with no block

let us dissolve the walls between us
let us see as soul to soul
let us communicate so deeply
let this oneness be our goal

gagi      11/07/18