The Field of Aware

The Field of Aware

You are being prepared
Prepared for the oneness of time
Prepared for the sanctity of the evermore
Prepared for the supra divine

Speak of the journey with calmness
Speak of the travels you’ve done
Speak of the road and the destiny
Speak of the challenges won

Gather together the sweet ones
The ones with their hearts so exposed
Gather together the brave ones
Ready to see what’s transposed

Quicken the tasks and endeavours
Yet do so with calm and with joy
Bring to completion the remnants
Prepare for the time to employ

Employ the wisdom and feelings
Gifts of the journeys you’ve taken
Employ every part of creation
And expand into the dawn and awaken

Awaken to a new day of freshness
The joy of opportunities born
Awaken to knowing you are part of
The beginning like unplanted corn

Gather together in joyfulness
Gather together to prepare
Prepare the gardens for planting
Prepare the field of aware

The field of aware is expansive
And can be readily seeded with thoughts
The field of aware is for sharing
And cannot be sold or be bought

The field of aware is for sharing
All can have access to this spot
The field of aware is for sharing
Accessed with resonating thought

The precious seeding begins now
Take care of what you choose to grow
Each seed determines the future
Of what coming generations will know

Hold each thought to your hearts before planting
Then nourish it with love and attention
Take time to complete careful seeding
Crops planned for enduring contentment

Signify now that you’re willing
Signify now that you will
Go to the field of aware and seed
Water and nourish until

Until the others arrive to help
To help with harvest and sharing
Others to continue to grow the crops
Of the wisdom and love that you’re bearing

Blessings to all who have journeyed
Blessings to all who have fought
With love, determination and courage
Holding in their hearts what they’ve sought

Together now we’ll bring to completion
Tidying away the old season’s remains
And look forward now to the planting
Of the field of aware – a new plane

gagi    TBL  11/01/15