The Funnel of Love

The Funnel of Love

the funnel of love
it exists for us all
receive it or be one
the cornucopia’s call

our hearts sing their songs
radiating out to all beings
the songs are all heard
by those we’re not seeing

the expansive broadcasts
echoing back
are shaping our world
it’s a new forecast

the songs are like ripples
movement can be heard
and how they’re received
is how we’re observed

if we are to receive
from a funnel that’s there
our bodies, our minds
have become more aware

and if we then choose
to be a funnel ourselves
the multitudes will pour love
into very deep wells

for one who’s the funnel
receiving the abundance of love
they’re able to direct it
to where there’s a need of

blessings of giving
a philanthropist’s call
this abundance of love
is transforming us all

gagi     02/13/15