The Garage

The Garage
the garage
life’s metaphor
there are times in our lives
to keep those doors closed
hiding away
what needs to be transposed
gifted, sold, donated, recycled
what to do with that flat-tired bicycle?
all we can’t find a place for
especially after a move
oh to be tidied away
to be self-critic approved
craving simplicity
yet time feels so scarce
then there is the question
what is ours, what is theirs?
the discipline that’s proposed
a box a day…
well that got thrown out!
then a sudden inspiration…
a friend moving, expanding
a larger space for his kids
it was as if it was commanding
seek out what is stored
open up those boxes
spread out the goods
redirect, select…
some got donated
recycling comes next week
planning a ride on that bike
to celebrate a tidy-up that’s complete!
gagi     01/27/23