The Glory of God

The Glory of God

drink it in
the glory of God
the fountain of youth
gives wisdom the nod

spirit brings messages
arranging the stage
a culmination of war zones
now turning the page

what there has been
no longer exists
the hatchet is buried
and so are the fists

heart warming echoes
pour in from what is
the glory of God
receive what is His

a joyous remembrance
from before there was war
a seed was distorted
and peace was no more

what grew from distortion
has fallen and died
and we are the fruit
seeking how to survive

find now that place
where you know roots can grow
where the Love and the Light
will ignite what you sow

now blossom and become
all you have dreamed you could be
and the glory of God
will be all that you see

gagi   01/17/15