The Grandmothers Share

Inspired by friends who gave a slide show of their trek thru Kenya…
The Grandmothers Share
the grandmothers share
it’s in their hearts what they bare
the holders of wisdom
with great love for the children
more children than grandmothers
it is always the way
and the grandmothers’ love
guards the children’s gateway
a gateway to life
anchored in love
a doorway to opportunities
and the potential thereof
the grandmothers know
the risk of distortions
and guard the children
from unmanageable proportions
each child a gift
from the purest of light
each life with potential
to see with this sight
cherish the oneness
of the generational bond
grandmothers united
so all children can belong

gagi     04/01, 02 & 03/16