The Green Wave III

The Green Wave

the green wave rises from the mighty Pacific ocean
reaching the shorelines, fuelling the motion
a powerful cresting, readying to flow
across whole nations, the awakening green glow

choosing a future, a future that can be seen
co-creating for our children, letting go of the has been
collaborating always, so all may have a voice
the leading wave’s edge clearly showing
that green is our best choice

the timing is essential to call in Mother Nature’s force
awareness and taking action, we can change the course
knowledge of the science and environmental clues
can light our way to stability painted in green hues

the powerful voice of our nations, a voice speaking for itself
all peoples, more elders, first nations and students, sharing their wealth
a wealth of knowledge and compassion, envisioning a way
recognizing they are empowered, able to have their say

the green wave is building
and will spread and arrive
to be received and welcomed
on every shoreline

the green wave
welcomed home
balancing this beautiful blue/preen planet

gagi     10/15/23
adapted from a poem written on 10/14/15