The Magic of Children

The Magic of Children

quantum mechanics explains how they work
energetic, curious, always on the alert
presenting themselves into each day
a playground of opportunities, an endless buffet

the science of the very small, what is their behaviour?
how do they interact with the world and each other?
how is their energy able to muster
answering their challenges, limitless clusters?

thru a child’s eyes we see a new world
full of opportunity, beauty and togetherness swirled
fast tracking their focus, able to leap
into other adventures as newness they seek

nothing impossible, so many perspectives
how are they mobilized? what are their directives?
given the space and opportunity to play
children show leadership in a very special way

they are intensely inclusive in all that they do
wanting to share new ideas with you
sometimes quiet and thoughtful, or sensing the truth
then brilliantly connecting their thought forms as proof

weaving thru time frames, picking up dropped threads
able to maximize the distance they tread
wanting to show us as they grow and expand
they’re having fun and they know that we can

gagi        10/31/15