The Maturing of Humanity

The Maturing of Humanity
breaking thru the barriers
of past containment vessels
connecting now with trunk and bough
we are building all the trestles
trestles’ strength to hold the length
of all bridges we are building
shortcuts to what will ensue
as the maturing of humanity
elevated pathways to the future
a future we’ve envisioned
combining our abilities
weaving with great agility
new form is now emerging
be they roads or tracks
trestles supporting masts
we move by foot, by rail or under sail
to the place of new delivery
the Way has been built
by the work of many
the emergence will change
with the addition of any
who see the light
curiousity, attraction
guided by the heart’s reaction
to the love and the light
to the power and might
of a matured humanity
that embodies the sanity
of a oneness we’ve learned
and a freedom we’ve earned
the heart’s destiny
gagi     09/24/22