The Mayan Connection

The Mayan Connection

and so it has come
it has come into being
the Mayan connection
is what we are seeing

the times of the ancients
of so long ago
there is little remaining
all buried below

now this final piece
discovered and connected
shows how all the Maya
moved and intersected

they came from the Stars
they came to create
they steered the beginnings
of a cultural remake

pausing to examine
what was and was not
they offered their skills
their knowledge was taught

impregnated wisdom
to a newly formed race
they seeded the beginnings
then were gone with no trace

so much blossomed on
yet an error occurred
and a connection to the sacred
somehow was blurred

we can find that connection
in many a faith
but the Maya intended
we be as one race

gagi   04/16/15