The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

You are invited to participate
and in your language articulate
the meaning of life…

The pleasure is ours
A significant question…

On Earth, you take so much for granted. The joy of a new birth. The sheltering. The nourishment. And on it goes. This is the life cycle of all in your biosphere. Every chipmunk. Every dog. Every tree. All life you see. Cycling on. So many are intent on getting ahead. Accumulating material wealth. Competing for the best. And what of the rest? Quagmired in eternal poverty, be it location, societal pressures, health – many, many have not a chance for survival. Survival. Now the question…the meaning of life. Do not humans consider themselves to be at the peak of the animal kingdom? And are they not ignoring the very basics of survival? Survival of a species. One species cannot survive if it has upset the balance of inter-relationships of the many. The meaning of life is all about opportunity. Life is the opportunity to grow, to adapt, to learn, to support other life. Opportunity to procreate, to co-create, to orchestrate the beauty of life, of love. An opportunity to harmonize with all. Blessed be.

How do YOU define the meaning of life?

gagi      10/29/19