The New Creation

The New Creation

expansion inwards is creating the change
going into the point of creation feels strange
to find that point, that was part of the first
explosion into opportunities, the sacred rebirth

guided to seek it and find it, this point so refined
to know it and recognize it as Source, the Divine
and then to expand this powerful force
and embody the expansion and allow its new course

expanding, enveloping in all that we do
a beautiful energy permeates thru
no doing or wishing, just allowing it in
the creative intelligence loves to begin

let our thoughts and emotions be presented this way
knowing they are part of the creative interplay
feel the inclusion of all we observe
connecting into a unifying nerve

what will become cannot be seen
the magnificence of the new will become the new being
to be that, to live in a totally new way
we are blessed to be part of this new interplay

loving and wanting this point of return
as developmental observers there is much to relearn
to embody and be the divine and the love
each a ray of the oneness and what we dream of

gagi        11/26/15

Inspired by the work and teachings of Eileen Murray,!links/c7s9