The New Story

The New Story

The new story began at the end of the cycle. The old and the new entering into the poles of the torus. Opposite ends to merge in the place of new beginnings. Never before on planet Earth, Era-the, had this happened.

The planet herself had felt the tortuous pull of the extremes experienced by opposing emotions, opposing desires, opposing actions. Now was the quiet time. Yes much has continued for even within, there can be an echo. The echo of the old. Equally there can be an echo of the new, funnelling thru that hollow, central core.

A time of new creation. A time of emancipation. Shedding the old skin. Where to begin? A pause. A tearing apart in order to rebuild. Fractured associations. Mirrored opposites. New plugs. New associations. Attraction of like energies. A blending of colours.

Something is emerging. The ancients could see into the future. They could travel the continuum of time. They knew there would be a point of reconciliation. Reconciliation offered at a time when the other choice was complete annihilation in order to remove all traces of the old.

Earth’s aura is shifting. Her colour is too. A gentle swirling of rainbow tints surrounds her. Mysts of the mystery. Magnetic poles pulled. Iron core rebalancing. All coming into alignment with the multi-dimensional channel. Tuning in to the multi-dimensional coming together for all dimensions have reached this time for transformation. And the power to transform is given to all. Isolation dissolved. Much is involved. Removal of the blinders. Freedom much kinder. All senses attuned. New ones discovered. Connecting to all. Remembering the fall. Solidifying the web. Readying to form, to birth the new.

What will it look like? How will it feel? When will it arrive? Will we survive?

Let the questions rest. We are doing our best to inform you of the change for it will be strange. As we all rearrange the fragments of the past, we cancel what was suffered and add what might seem the antidote. Many new forms. Many new structures. As all have energetically been pulled into the toroidal centralfuge there is a great mixing. No longer can the differences be defined. Splicing of strands. Weaving of strings. Untying. Untangling. Tying new knots. Making new connections. Inventing new colours. Creating new movement. Innovative engineering. Adding more joy as all play.

There are choices. There is resistance. The difference is that right now, all can contribute. Never before has such power been so evenly distributed. Each has access to the point of creation. Each can put forth their visions. Each impacts the decisions. Decisions to come into form. The new will be born as we recognize our oneness. The expansion of knowledge. The drawing on wisdom. The markers thru time, thru evolution, thru transformation. The anchors come with us. Those powerful moments of intensity…precious, all consuming feelings of love…tranquil, settling moments of peace…rippling, bubbling feelings of joy…humbling, melting feelings of gratitude…all to bring forward. Structural beams, strong strands of the web, these are the fibres we build with.

All will come into being. You will see. You are living in a now faint echo of your reality. Your very desiring of a new way is bringing you to it. Bringing you to where it already exists. You are both the creators and the dismantlers. Old systems collapsing. New systems designed. Exposure of the corruptions. Integrity required. Open hearts required. Compassion required. Awareness required.

The great awakening. The new dawn is starting to glow on the horizon. The inflow of new energies, the intensity of love is being felt. Much of what has been desired is instantly appearing. The flooding is happening. A gentle rising, flooding tide or the impact of a tsunami? Still much is unknown but all can prepare. Prepare by being aware. Come into alignment. Be in the flow. Let your hearts glow. With love. Be the bridge builder.

See all with new eyes. Know you are a part of the birthing of a world transformed by your very own ability to discern what is to be and what is not to be. Live big. Love big. Be all that you were meant to be in loving service to the Greatest Love of All.

gagi   03/02/15