The New

The New
consider the New in everything we do
what are our habits?
what is our exchange?
what are we now wanting?
is it within range?
what happens if we simply stop?
is there anything neglected?
what are we responsible for?
is it ours to own or were we elected?
what are we eating?
how does it feel”
can we go to simplicity
as we prepare a meal?
are we living with nature
having a dose every day?
how can we get out there
to exercise and play?
how to we travel?
is it necessary at all?
how are we communicating?
are we answering the call?
our inner guidance
and sharing with others
will reshape our world
and all that that covers
question, yes question
all that we do
we are the creators
bringing in the New
gagi     05/25/22