The Nu-Search

The Nu-Search
where is the power?
the power to be
it isn’t in the re-search
it is the nu-search
the seeking of the new
the use of seeing, sharing new perspectives
the collaborative merging of creative intelligence
the honouring of all as aspects of ourselves
gratitude for our lives and opportunities given
gratitude for the support and friendships of others
the recognition of our equality and our similarity
the respect of differences, cherished as our great diversity
the sense of oneness, divinity sourced
quantum expression of the all that is
the great mixing bowl of the elements
the vision of what can be
the passion for change
the ability to step forth into the unknown
the desire to answer the call
the simplitude of the answer
the answer being love
the research always showed us
the nu-search feeds our purpose
new systemic emergence
new patterns repeating
extreme creativity and speed
connectivity of pearls of wisdom
beads on an inter-connective web
passionate magnetism of matched energies
implosion into the inner realms
deep cessation of the quagmire of doubt
fragmentation of all embodied fears
release of the old
creation of that which will be
magnitudes immeasurable
magnificence of unspoken beauty
oneness defined
divinity aligned
sacred entanglement
joyous awareness
explorative justice as all settles as one
competitive edges blurred by common purpose
comparative judgements lost with the ego
the ego of oneness, a celebratory achievement
progressive expansion thru the growing of love
inward exploration to the infinite depths of our source
emergence of our beauty dissolving all remnants of remorse
now is the still point
know how to be there
the gateway to the nu-search
and to living as love
gagi      11/27/16