The Passion of Extremes

The Passion of Extremes
the passion of extremes is impacting our world
confrontational oppositional spirals untwirled
demanding attention and asking of us
to choose our beliefs, take sides and thus
often losing the opportunity to simply discuss

as one

once spiralling bands
(like two DNA strands)
now pulled to full length
as stretched elastic bands
lined up, oppositional
facing each other
which is our choice
or is there another?
a band can be stretched
but will eventually break
once it no longer can function
does the other band shrink?
no longer needing to oppose?
what do you think?
one extreme perspective
now then taking charge
and a loss of diversity
for humanity at large
let us not choose
one side or the other
let us converse
so as to discover
there is another way
it is called the middle road
it allows for conversation
and enhances the flow
the flow of creation
adapting to change
we all can contribute
our opinions rearranged
standard delineation
hobbles any plans
let us establish a meeting space
where “only our way” is banned
and then once established
all voices are heard
and out of the melding pot
the new way will emerge
we can allow the two DNA strands to exist
letting them relax into their spirals and twists
then like adding a third, third DNA strand
from the middle road we will activate the New Hu-man
gagi    08/19/18