The Past Cremated

The Past Cremated
the past cremated
nothing gentle about this
to open to the new
we can’t continue to review our list
the list of the past
the list of regrets
the list of the not done yet
the lists so we don’t forget
fold up and roll up
and burn them to an ash
to celebrate the new
we must dispose of the past
we carry within us
the ability to create
we don’t need our past journeys
to be reviewed to orchestrate
we have assembled our power
from many journeys, many lives
and co-creating with others
will be our joy and how we thrive
anchored in the present
dreaming the new
allowing multi-dimensional streaming
to be received by the few
the few becoming many
the choice points when we can be
aware of the oneness
who we are and now can be
gagi     11/13/21