The Portal of Love

The Portal of Love
blessed are the carriers
of love in their midst
blessed is the vision
they have woven and co-mixed
illusionary portals
oft felt but often missed
now the birthing of a real one
the portal of love does exist
on a simple piece of land
that was tended with love and care
an awareness grew of more to explore
and we were led to find what was there
a lapidary enthusiast’s gift of great crystals
was carefully placed to form a circle
a circle on the land
12 compass or clock points
denoted and marked with sand
sacred geometry
was marked in the midst
and a central point was anchored
with an obsidian stone that was fixed
a medicine wheel to start with
many ceremonies were done
often honoured as flower mandalas
this journey of love was begun
and then at some point in time
an awareness of the new
this was to be the portal of love
and its energy began to flow thru
from the very core of dear Mother Earth
up to the heavens above
the power grew and was palpable
around the portal of love
and then something extraordinary
happened just because
a stranger to the land
moved some stones and changed what was
the portal was activated
the flow became intense
we were there to witness
the potential for what it was meant
another visit by the activator
and careful working with this sphere
he totally changed the arrangement
of the stones into a gear
a gear with a central axis
the spin was the surround
the flow of the portal
was both out and inbound
others arrived to honour
the beauty held in this sphere
theirs was a record of its energies
and one turned a stone to fine-tune the gear
and then there was a planting
of a brilliant red maple tree
honouring the sacred feminine
and Mother Earth blessed be
a quiet time was entered
as the winter months approached
honoured from a distance
and thru meditation we were coached
simple in its beauty
protected because it is love
we honour its existence
and the portal’s purpose of
sharing its very essence
that all may live as love
gagi   12/11/21