The Purpose of Numbers

The Purpose of Numbers

just what is the purpose of numbers?
to tally or track or to define what is yours and what is mine?
to measure progress, to measure time
to expand upon one’s lineage line?

to show respect, to relate to others
to calculate just what are our druthers
to manipulate what can become
to master the use of fraction or sum

if the earliest use of numbers was
a way to share and that was because
happiness was created by giving to others
as life was birthed by our fathers and mothers

can we return to that simplicity
of using numbers and becoming free
freed from chaos, greed and envy
creating a new world full of plenty?

can number 1 be just one?

can number 2 represent unity instead of duality
like two peas in a pod?

can number 3 be wholeness
you, me and a space between linking us…the new infinity symbol?

can 4 represent a circle, the space of communication?

can 5 represent connection, a result of communication
the sharing of perspectives?

and 6, can it be what follows connection, what flows from it
where solutions or creative decisions are born?

can 7 represent what we become
when we are united with creative flow?

can 8 represent the filling out of a circle to become a sphere
creating wholeness, no longer two dimensional?

can 9 be the the completed sphere, the new building block, cell or atom?

can 10 be the ability to use the sphere to bring things into form
to literally sing to manifest as sound and light waves vibrate together?

can 11 be where we are finally able to see the whole
and the hole, the hole of the torus, the energy flow around form?

can 12 be where we now can see the whole
and know that we are united with it? like a drop of water within the ocean

can 13 represent the place where wholeness is now complete?

exploring the purpose of numbers
enhances and never encumbers
for a purpose defined gives meaning refined
as a creative process of design out of time

gagi   02/10/15