The Screen Has Changed

The Screen Has Changed

the screen has changed
from black to blue
what does it mean?
what will we do?

the chainged observed
is it what we see?
is the change how we see?
which could it be?

have we been chained to the past
seeing only the familiar?
are we now free to see and discern
something new or just similar?

the new force of creation
has entered the field
ready to be harnessed
to create and to yield

to yield such a harvest
of creative ideas
soon to be implemented
with onomatopoeia

gagi   04/13/15

From Wikipedia…definition….Although in the English language the term onomatopoeia means the imitation of a sound, in the Greek language the compound word onomatopoeia (ονοματοποιία) means “making or creating new names”.