The Seed of Wholeness

The Seed of Wholeness
there in plain view
who knew?
the part not seen
it couldn’t have been
it wasn’t there
and now re-visited
the plant had a gift
realizing this
gave an instant uplift
the answer is given
light and warmth of the spring
its the flowers they bring
more light and heat
summer’s growth treat
and the leaves thrive
and then comes the fall
is there nothing at all?
flowers gone
no leaves belong
and yet…
not seen before
with flower, stem and more
there now were the seeds!
tiny and round
look what is found
contained within
a new way to begin
blessed be!
the seed of wholeness
there in its fullness
the seed of becoming
becoming the new
from which it too
the key to renewal
with the potential to change
wait now thru winter
time to rearrange
and then plant
the new
gagi   10/07/17