The Source of Anger

The Source of Anger
a story emerged and wanted to be heard
a text was sent out and it was all about
it went out to several close to the sender
an accusation of abuse was the intender
how to receive?
we collaborated on this and one chose to answer
expressing concern and from the past being an enhancer
to the presence of love
shared with another, a wise one, a grandmother
they felt into the message and then expressed how it be addressed
as a new perspective
the use of the word abuse in this text of anger
might mean a basic feeling of
“i don’t feel loved”
it had been an exclamation
a plea to those close
a need for connection
with the importance of most
i want to feel love
one young person’s history
will remain a mystery
but the message had been sent
and we are meant
to receive it
our lives are chaotic, too busy, too much
let us understand, knowing the vulnerable as such
and remember to connect
to love, to inspire
to help build a new fire
a fire within those asking of us
that they may grow their own love
changing this world into an unbroken field
of joy
and of love

gagi     01/01/23