The Sparkles of Vision

The Sparkles of Vision

the sparkles of vision
a flicker, a point
a whole sky of star lights
lights meant to anoint

eyes open or closed
these sparkles arrive
carrying messages
a memory revived

to receive, to attune to
each sparkle that’s sent
furthers the awakening
to a life that is bent

bent on creation
co-creating, aligned
sending love out and wisdom
thru photons designed

designed to arrive
and deliver a sparkle
imparting a perspective
forming a particle

and particles combined
thru hearts all aligned
bring creation into form
and a new world is born

the sparkles of vision
both timeless and present
acknowledged, received
memories retrieved

a pause and

a gap

the importance of that
is to give the space
to balance and trace
photons, igniting a place

thought form presented
a concept cemented
returned to the heart
ready to impart

a new message
new wisdom
a perpective, decision
to all who’ll receive
this sparkle and believe
by sharing and caring
new worlds we’ll conceive

gagi       02/16/14