The Spirit of Forgiveness

The Spirit of Forgiveness

When the feelings of anger stir deeply within
There is a segue to peace and here’s where to begin
Anger and many of the negative modes
Come from us judging and not reading the codes

The codes of communication are often misread
And our reactions can be harmful not helpful instead
To go first to embodying the spirit of forgiveness
We are positioned to find resolution thru curiosity and giveness

Curious with ourselves as to how we’ve reacted
Seeking to understand how communication has impacted
Deep seated emotions fueled from our own pasts
Brought to the surface to explore and recast

To give to another the opportunity to explain
Lightens the atmosphere where they’ve been arraigned
To listen from the heart once the question is asked
And let them speak from the heart once the question is cast

Many a conversation when handled this way
Erases our judgement and puts understanding into play
So the spirit of forgiveness is the ultimate place
To go to and rest in the presence of grace

gagi     01/14/16