The Synctitude of Remembrance

The Synctitude of Remembrance

the synctitude of remembrance complements the tides
the ebbing and flowing has always survived
justifying the margins of cambridging forms
hollowed out substance is reviewed and reformed

partial embeddedment holds long enough
for the concentrated effort of milling new stuff
industrial catchments are readying to grow
replacing the antiquated ways that will go

enough has been said to the jewel maker’s team
replaying the substance from what has been dreamed
hold on to the remnants of that which is left
long enough to realize the new is more deft

place the remembrances now in a trance
and release them into the archival dance
emptied and pure and ready to receive
what will come into being is what we believe

gagi     03/30/15 & 04/09/15


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