The Way We Can Be

The Way We Can Be
into the future 
and back to the now
clearly seeing the potential
then figuring out how
how do we get there?
how to conquer our fears?
how do we overcome the need for corrections
some long in arrears?
simply by knowing
into the future we flow
every step of the way
there is only one way to go
knowing the value 
of the work that we do
persistence, commitment 
loving our teamwork too
having confidence of the support
the unseen and the present
well-earned respect from where
there has been time well spent
always, yes always
feel the joy and excitement
for those are the energies
that have power to augment
the ease of the flow
plus true gratitude given
to all who have contributed
to this ride we have ridden
let us be so
gagi     10/06/21