Thru Vision

Thru Vision

As we gaze into the distance
what do we see thru?
the air and the mist
and the sky that is blue

past meadows and mountains
forests, cities, seeing thru
past deserts, past water
and then what do we do?

Have we noted, appreciated
all that is there?
or have we seen thru it
with barely a care?

Now inward, gazing inward
into the expanse that exists
what do we see there
thru the mystical mysts?

Thru the pathways of meditation
of breathing and sleep
we enter the emptiness
where the oceans are deep

A place out of time
and certainly no form
yet here thru travel or imagination
new perspectives are born

sometimes a vision
sometimes a voice
sometimes a whole drama
sometimes a choice

Often deep awareness
and a gem to bring back
a vision from the future
thru vision intact

“Thru vision” that’s here
where lifetimes exist
we can understand all’s connected
appreciating diversity that persists

“Thru vision” that’s there
in the infinite realms
is a place to visit often
for we know there what dwells

It’s the art of creation
from a thought form that gels
the way of manifestation
and a future that foretells

gagi      01/16/14