To Let Go of Wants

To Let Go of Wants
so much had crashed
future hopes had been dashed
then the question was asked
do we have to give up/let go of everything
to have a new beginning?
feeling no reference points anymore
where are we?
what do we do?
or do we simply allow?
and a wise one responded
“it is to have absolute comfort with uncertainty
not minding whatever happens”
so much was said so simply
then out into nature
sunlight and warmth
water and plants
and that natural dance
of looking after
letting it all go
becoming undone
releasing all thoughts
and all that was unspun
and there it was
to achieve this
this absolute comfort with uncertainty
we will have to let go of wants
a total surrender
into the flow
something greater than us
always seems to know
and then we go
no distractions
no material wants
part of the love and the peace
those familiar fonts
inscribed within us
to live this way
we are being taught
the gift of life
we forgot
now the joy of remembrance
gagi     07/20/22