To Vote

To Vote

If i were asked to vote today
to which politician would i sway?
Who has captured my trust and my vote?
Who has inspired me? Who do i quote?

Alas there’ve been few of the leaders today
who speak from the heart holding others at bay
So many criticize, accuse and then say
“We are the best – to the others vote nay”

Yet the people here truly understand
We are the people of this land
From sea to shining sea we stand
As one people we honour our land

So it is time to be rid of the politics of old
To the stances, positioning and even lies that are told
Let us be one with our energy and intent
Let us ask the questions – for this election, what is meant?

What issues are we facing?
What responsibility do we own?
What assets do we manage?
What future will we clone?

Each of us is responsible
for the choices that we make
As we live our daily lives
As we give and as we take

So dream now of the future
What can we preserve and enhance?
What can be the perfect land
upon which all life can dance?

Listen to our indigenous people
And to our elders too
Waste not, want not
Does it apply to you?

What can we give from our day to day
to others who are in need?
What changes in the way we live
will grow a future we want to seed?

What if every message we texted
was of beauty and gratitude?
What if we spent our time creating
in this election time interlude?

If the media gifts the politicians
a place to act each day
like part of a soap opera/reality show
what purpose will it play?

The reality we live is what we give
our energy and attention to
And its time to expose and finally close
What is out of integrity – nay to those!

A candidate’s experience was once a must
Now inner guidance is what we trust
Listen to the heart – it is connected to all
Shut out the head talk – let it fall

Political parties please listen to us
You’re on the wrong side of the equation –
Negative not plus

We have an opportunity presenting here
to shift our way of living
to a brand new gear

Open the throttle and open the heart
Cast out the past and with
New Vision now start

How can we model
for the rest of the world
from the fetal position
we’re about to uncurl?

Ask your children –
the little ones too
Ask your elders –
“What’s important to you?”

Listen and learn
and from that discern
Revisit the past?
Or to a New Way turn?

Step up those who know
and speak from your hearts
Seek out the candidates
who are willing new sparks

It’s an exciting new time
with great potential too
So seek now within
and live the new you

Across this country, let us now
stand hand in hand
and turn out to vote
as guardians of this land

gagi     TBL