Torus Divine

Torus Divine

What is a shape?
A multi-dimensional state?
Many dimensions
held in suspension?

And not just a shape
but a form that is born
to be able to move
Move and improve

The torus divine
has a phi shaped spine
and a continuous rolling
pulling inward then growing

Pulling out into a spiral
moving around the colloidal
and repeating the tones
and colouring the drones

Seven colours are streaming
rising up and creaming
then blending into
a continuous rainbow hue

A donut, an inner tube
a description of the interlude
The divine conception
of creation’s reception

The shape of magnetism
and of photons returning
The shape of our energy bodies
and of the soul’s yearning

Celebrate this knowingness
and all that it leads to
The answer we’re seeking
The key to what we do

gagi     10/18/13

Palo Alto, CA