Vicarious Healing

Vicarious Healing

illness “can be healed vicariously”
such an important announcement
received extemporaneously

this is the answer to helping others
those who cannot help themselves
for it works with the power of thought
and the power of imaginative realms

to simply be present
with another in need
to activate the memory
or new scenarios seed

picture another in their full robust health
picture them doing what they love to do
see them interacting with others having fun
attend to the details as your story is spun

build on this frequently
share the stories with others
activate the healing frequencies
for our sisters and brothers

we can participate
in this return to perfection
simply by visualizing
the returned-to-health direction

gagi      01/25/19

vicarious…in a way that is experienced in the imagination thru visualizing the experiences of another

extemporaneous…spoken, received or written without preparation