Wayward Ways

Wayward Ways

let us be aware of our wayward ways
for they simply detract from our potential
to know who we are and capitalize on our strengths
allows us to become multi-dimensional

our wayward ways detract from focusing on our gifts
and often the result is we flounder
most create gaps in the cycling of doing
at some stage we are best to defer to a grounder

a grounder steps in to anchor a project*
by lending their skills to the flow
we cannot expect to find our way to completion
if we don’t know what direction to go

by working together, we all lend our skills
to use our genius for the imaginable
and what we contribute enhances the flow
allowing us to create the as yet unimaginable

let us find the way and ward off detractions
by combining our strengths from useful fractions
enhancing the flow in all that we do
and enjoying the process by specializing too

to do what we love and love what we do
we’re like an umbilical cord that connects the unborn to the mother
birthing of the new requires a strong, continuous connection
to allow the flow of creational elements in a nourishing direction

to deposit and return and pick up some more
the elements for growth are delivered
as elements are arrived it becomes the more the merrier
and love is the blood, the elemental carrier

aware that not knowing who we are, we are in effect goalless
aware that if we combine our genius we create a wholeness
let us build the structure to allow new creational flow
knowing our collaboration is the best way to go

we’ll create a newness that as yet we don’t know
blessed by a passion to deliver what’s needed to grow
each holding the seeds that we want to sow
wayward ways no longer a detour

gagi        12/14/15


Wikipedia…In contemporary business and science a project is a collaborative enterprise, involving research or design, that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim…