We Come in Peace

We Come in Peace

We come in peace
and gently too
our hearts exposed
to meet with you

Why have we come?
It is the time
to release the past
and our love refine

Within us all
we know the truth
We have one Creator
We need no proof

Throughout the world
many bright lights shine
and the Earth’s own axis
is a shivering spine

We’ve reached the point
of no return
a point to share
to listen and learn

Ancestors dear
we honour you so
It’s your love and wisdom
that has let us grow

We come in peace
as our Ancestors desired
We come in peace
the past retired

We come in peace
to see and feel
We come in peace
to share a meal
The abundance of
the meal we share
will feed the multitudes
Let no plate be bare

We’ve seen so much
in our life times here
It is time to release
the hate and fear

Replace depression
and aggression
by living simply
having learnt our lesson

How do we really
want to be?
To simply love
and feel and see?

Suffering will leave
once we reach out
and care and share
all we can spare

Truly now
what do we need?
Water and shelter
and food to feed?

And it’s not only clothing
that keeps us warm
It is connection to Spirit
that brings us form

Connection to Spirit
from which we were born

Connecting to Great Spirit
and Mother Earth’s and our own
Visioning a future
where no one’s alone

Living in harmony
with nature and all
Living with gratitude
for the small and the tall

Coming together
with Love in each heart
Balancing the way
we end and we start

Let us end this time in Peace
and start the new
with Peace too

And if we fly like Eagles above
we will see:
Peace is a result of Love

gagi      TBL