We Have Arrived at the Tipping Point

We Have Arrived at the Tipping Point
we were faced with a stop
a full block
unable to proceed or expand
there is profound work
being done globally
but there came now a red alert
we are at the tipping point – now!
envision a fine net surrounding us
and in every space between the strings
there is a plus sign or a minus
the signs are constantly changing
it is critical right now to expand our hearts
to grow the love
we are in this together
and we can do this
the fibres of the net are already dissolving
and we have created a hole, a doorway to expansion
the stage has been set
all is coming into alignment
any false love
expression that does not come from the heart
is now being exposed and disqualified
divine love has enormous power to tip the scales
as before
we can do this
and the time is now
the time to expand our love
in every thought and encounter
we are going to win
as then we begin
the new way
as love
gagi   01/15/23
*please share and live as the love that we are*