What is Magic?

What is Magic?

that question appeared
when waking this morn
we believe in magic
but how is it borne?

do we not carry it
as part of ourselves?
do we evoke magic
if within us it dwells?

what are the keys
to bringing it forth?
to answering our wants
something instantly morphed?

one key is the invisible
support we are given
and a knowing our path
stays clear of the forbidden

forbidden are the trespasses
of harming another
and of taking for oneself
instead of giving to our brother

there is a simplicity to life
when living the love and the beauty
perhaps magic appears
when we understand this is
our sacred duty

to be it
to evoke it
so all can enjoy
to conquer the suffering
and to then employ
our creative synergistic
gifts that we carry
and live a life of love
with the intention to marry
our love of life

gagi     08/22/21