how can wholeness expand from nothing
that place where emptiness is?
how can that awareness of all that is
grow into a knowing that we share?

we share the very existence
of life on our planet called Earth
we are each a part of the wholeness
and with that, a part of the re-birth

our wholeness, our love and our sharing
has created a layer ‘round the Earth
the noosphere has formed an encasement
the womb for the re-birth of Earth

our love, our awareness and our intentions
are strengthening this nourishing sphere
and the Earth and all life living upon her
are responding, being held by the love that is near

we are responsible for nurturing the unborn
we are conscious of the opportunity of now
we can surrender to the art of creation
by gifting our love to the self-organizing dow

gagi   12/19/15

*dow – chiefly Scottish – intransitive verb :  to be able or capable