Why We are Waiting

Why We are Waiting

you are wondering no doubt
to know why we are waiting
what’s it all about
when the whole world is quaking?

there is something afoot
that goes beyond your small world
and all are watching your progress
as the new ways are uncurled

uncurled like a fetus
that is growing in form
a new freedom of structure
wanting to be born

and you are the creators
of what this will be
and we are all waiting
for the birth day to see

to see and behold
just how you’ve recovered
from the brink of disaster
above which you’ve hovered

and why does it take
the distinction of horror
to motivate a race
to be the heart borer?

to bore into your hearts
to feel others’ suffering
to know you are the cause
and to stop all the buffering

to release all the judgements
and own being responsible
oh what you are birthing
will be so demonstrable

it will demonstrate how
when all is reprogrammed
a balanced existence
can be birthed and examined

and so we are waiting
for the gestation to be complete
and then all of us, your audience
you’ll be wanting to meet

gagi   01/23/15