Wisdom Keepers

Wisdom Keepers

dwelling in the inner cave
resplendent with its etchings
time to sit and contemplate
our journeys and our blessings

retreat right now from an outer world
full of chaos and of challenge
and sit within, within the spin
where stillness brings us home

to be home
where we are known
to ourselves
and to others

a simple place
out of the race
reflective in its nature

to know thyself
to deeply delve
to share of this
from inner bliss

to reflect and accept
just who we are
to love ourselves
to shine our star

to ask for and be
a wisdom keeper
accessing the wisdom
as our climb gets steeper

to come here often
our inner sanctuary
to ground ourselves
being innerplanetary

the wisdom garnered
from many lives
can be accessed
as our inner prize

blessings of the universe

gagi   03/01/18