With Love and Gratitude

With Love and Gratitude

Dear Jean,

What you have embodied
from a very young age
is of a curious child
growing into a sage

With energy, humour
and love with a twist
Seeking out answers
to a very long list

So many teachers
Experiences too
Cultures to visit
Immersed in a few

Having gathered the wisdom
and the love that is life
you are generously sharing
and in others ignite

a passion for being
all that they can be
determined to contribute
and with all senses see

It is the time of co-creation
into a new world
The past has departed
Into the future we’re hurled

The chaos surrounds us
accelerating change
We hold all the puzzle pieces
The big picture rearranged

We join you in the journey
and are committed to find
our piece of the puzzle
so all can be combined

Thank you for your teachings
your sharing and love
You’ve flown into Aquarius
in the form of the Dove

gagi      01/21/14

a tribute to Dr. Jean Houston