Witnessing vs Judging

Witnessing vs Judging

our senses attuned
ears, eyes and heart
we absorb our surroundings
aware we are a part

a part of the scenario
a part of the dream
now what we do
is to discern what it means

first felt by the heart
emotions are accessed
translated and sent on
for the brain to digest

what happens here
is the critical part
do we make up a story
or can we just witness

this is an art

to make up a story
we use imagination and invent
infilling what we observe
not fully knowing what was meant

the art of simple witnessing
leaves us not open to regret
for we are not determining
what is transpiring on the set

the set holds the characters
and a story will unfold
action and tempo
emotions from hot to cold

feel into the witnessing
stay fully aware
there is always an opportunity
to simply be there

gagi      04/15/19