The Feminine Form

The Feminine Form
in the midst of a dream and a conversation stream
came the words in its discussion…”the feminine form””
and something was so disturbing it woke me up
a new perception, a new reality born
it no longer applies, that “feminine form”
we are no longer to be labelled M or F as when we were born
something is emerging that prevents such separation
for truly we are all of a mixed persuasion
aspects of both the masculine and feminine
present and more obvious as we entered this millennium
strengthening our sensitivity, enabling our potentials
the unblocking of our limitations to do the work that is essential
freedom of expression from every unique form
wanting to share perspectives and not wanting to conform
specializing in an aspect of the creations we are building
maintaining our enjoyment of this unifying guilding
precious are the moments of this new confirmation
a new recognition/definition of who we are becoming
separation cannot be as we continue to be freed
free to explore the more and expand by our undoning
labelling undone, wholeness expressed
the need to value our unified selves now totally expressed
unleashing of potentials away from the “i can’t do”
the feminine form’s replacement, the unified sex imbued

gagi   11/28/15

*undoning” …a past tense form of undoing