We Have Come to Remember

We Have Come to Remember

a stillness is present, the oceans are calm
the bougainvillaea stand motionless and so does the palm
with the coming of dawn we awaken into this state
aware of the peacefulness, nothing to equate

a bird lends its voice, the first movement heard
an expression of joy – the first thought occurred
and then an awareness this is the best way to be
if the whole world could experience it, we’d all be free

freed from emotions that tangle our web
freed from our judging, freed to be loving instead
acknowledging these feelings and inviting them in
into the peacefulness, to the way morning did begin

if all of the thoughts we don’t want to have or to own
were brought into loving consciousness instead of being sown
sown into the field of creation that’s fertile to grow
all thoughts and emotions that we can unconsciously sow

instead to be aware of our thoughts and emotions
allowing them to be brought into love, into that great ocean
and held there suspended, surrounded by love
how do we then observe them, what do they become part of?

perhaps a new perspective or an ability to feel
how it is as another lives…an opportunity to heal?
with loving awareness we accept all as part of ourselves
and here find that this recognition is the answer to what dwells

what dwells in the experiencing of the world that we’re part of
dwells in our thought forms and can consciously be brought into love
the answers to all can become thru true surrender
to the divine and the embodiment we have come to remember

gagi        11/30/15