Our Thoughts are the Matrix Not What We Do

Our Thoughts are the Matrix Not What We Do
this next week we have the opportunity to vote for our future
an opportunity to change direction and the outcome
we are the ones to foster our inheritance
we are the generational sum of the sum
never before has there been so much information
the surplus that begs for discernment at risk
how to access, process and take action
now at this crossroads – can we continue to exist?
the platforms of many are geared to the vulnerable
often exacerbating fears that we feel
others offer solutions, evidence-based and creative
the choices are ours and the urgency is real
if human existence and life on this planet
is at risk because of the imbalances of now
we are the stewards and we have the ability
to change the very outcome and this is the how:
our thoughts are the matrix, not what we do
not who we vote for, buy from, support
our level of consciousness, awareness of our thoughts
is the very portal to accessing the outcome we have sought
our thoughts are so powerful they attract similar energies
our paths are directed by our visional power
we are the designers of how the world manifests
we are responsible for all that will flower
do we see the beauty and potential that is gifted?
do we explore how to create the systems for the new?
the new way of living, interacting, collaborating
that all may have a future – that we are one and never two
duality has been the journey, polarity and contrasts
competition often creates barriers to the potential of teams
now focussing on oneness we understand we’re all aspects
merging into a wholeness, each stitching the seams
when we become seamless we will have understood the reality
everything we do affects others and therefore ourselves
when our thoughts are related to this social awareness
the actions we take will be unified pulls from our wells
our wells of experience, wells of abundance
wells of emotion and love for the all
our thoughts will embrace the well-being of others
creative endeavours will be the norm that answers the call
let us collaborate and bring in our future
thought-forms subservient to what is felt in the heart
our hearts know the truth and our soul purpose for being here
may the matrix extend from the one heart with love
gagi      05/03/17