patches of enquiry
coming round the bend
identifying inconsistencies
following a trend

merry makers silenced
incomprehensible alerts
warnings of a breaking point
when common sense inserts

match point or end of game
detours incomplete
segues to corruption
and infinite delays

spider veins once invisible
enlarged now to be seen
alarming the enquirers
the picture is reframed

what is the nuance?
what is to become?
damages assessable
what is to be done?

approaching the decision point
all are now aligned
strengthened by the common need
to remove and redesign

separation from the glory
the wanting to be known
leadership abandons ship
after tweeting on the phone

temporary direction
inserted and on loan
how to replace now
the unseated from the throne?

future vision emerges
swift change becomes the norm
obsolete systems
destroyed by the storm

awakening to a new way
inclusive in its scope
seeds of wisdom planted
strengthened by our hope

errors of the past debated
now they are known
fair representation will emerge now
and pray there never be a clone

gagi       05/18/17